facebookReach many more via Facebook ads

Most today are on Facebook – several times a day even. Viewed from a marketing perspective, it gives you great opportunities. Not least because it is possible to tailor your campaign to a specific audience. It could be a particular region, age group or area of ​​interest that you would like to reach. Here Facebook is quite unique because you can reach right directly to those you want to contact. And you decide how much you want to pay.

Of course, the goal is to convert the many impressions that the customer clicks on and buy the product you have. It requires a strategy. And this is where I can help you. Depending on your budget, I will give my bids on what is smart for your company.

Social media is more than Facebook

sociale medier

Facebook is not the only way to reach customers. There are also Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr and others. I know what the different social media can and what’s best for you and your company.

It is not always necessary to play on all horses. There are different media because they each fill specific needs and are used and specific audiences. I can help you use your resources in the most efficient way. There is also the opportunity to make me update your social media for you on a regular basis, so you do not have to spend time on it.

Video works

A very effective way to reach new customers can be done using a short commercial video. Studies show that video lookup gives 62% higher response than viewing images. Interesting, not? So a well-produced video clip can make a difference to your company’s visibility and impact. I offer to film, edit and eventually upload the video. You do not have to touch a finger!

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