Hello, I’m Henrik.

Nice that you are here! Maybe you are thinking: Why should I choose Henrik for my job? My strength is that I have a good understanding of how design and functionality works together to get you the best results. Often you tecnical nerds who do not understand to make a user friendly product. Or you see fancy designers, who does not have an eye for functionality. I am educated in both areas and is an expert in finding the right solution for your project. Further more it’s important for me, that you feel well treated.

Through my background as a teacher and multimediadesigner I have learned, how to communicate in an effective way.

I work as freelance as well as a long term graphic designer. Normally I am flexible so I can adapt my work after the current project you have. So if you need me to work a lot in a certain period, just email me and we will find a good solution.

Contact me

I want to build my work on the following values:


  • 5% of all income goes to people who don’t have enough money or just need help to make it through the day. At the bottom you can see a link to the currents projects.
  • 25% discount to non-profit organisations and for churches.


  • I want to be someone you can trust og who will not cheat you. I say it as it is. At the same time I do only want to work for companies that will not promote values i am against.

Current projects: Orphenage in India