logoThe importance of the logo

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of a logo. In just a few seconds, customers must be able to identify – and like to – your logo. Your logo must contain the entire company’s image and values ​​and goals. It places great demands on the logo, and therefore you also see that it is something that the biggest companies spend a lot of time and money on developing. See, for example, how Lego’s logo has changed over time.

What is important in a logo?

  • Logoer er en kunstartA good logo should be used in color and in black and white. You may not want to use it in black, but others may. No matter what, it should be able to be used in both formats.
  • Flexibility. A good logo can also be used on multiple platforms. Therefore, it is practical if it is either square or can be transformed into a square icon. Then it can be used in apps, favicons (the icon you see in your browser tab) and similar places.
  • It shows who you are. Your logo could best describe your company – without having to explain so much. (See some excellent examples here)
  • Iconic. Perhaps your logo is brilliant, but unfortunately it looks like everyone else’s? A strong logo stands out from the others.
  • Timeless. Some logos use fonts or colors that are popular for a certain period of time. The problem is that fashion often changes, so your logo can quickly look old-fashioned if you do not make sure it’s a timeless design.

It’s worth the money

It’s worth paying to get the very right logo. I can make sure you get the very right logo that you can use on letterhead, for posters, websites, videos – and both in color and in black and white.

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