Tryksager er et gammelt men godt medieThe wrapping means (almost) everything

A good book will only be sold if the cover is inviting and interesting. Most people choose consciously and unconscious things from what they think of things. Therefore, it is important to have a true visual identity. But even if you have a nice logo or a nice cover page on a poster, it’s not necessarily the right one. For all you do communicates, and it’s not always that you are aware of what you communicate. I can help you create a real visual identity that communicates what you want to communicate.

Magazines are being read

trykToday, many choose to go away from the print media. The newspapers are in decline and many buy e-books in place for the good old-fashioned. But many underestimate the value of keeping something physically in hand. Among other things, I have specialized in making church magazines. And here the customers report back about great interest.

Sometimes you have to go against the power – and sometimes you do not have to. It depends on who the target audience is and what the budget is.

Advertisements, postcards, posters and ads

I also offer to make ads and advertisements for newspapers or magazines. Make sure that the advertisement you pay in expensive terms for actually communicates effectively to the customer. Otherwise it drowns in the crowd and it is a waste of money. Perhaps you need a postcard or poster?

Publish a book or brochure

It’s actually not so expensive to publish your own book or brochure, as many think. Contact me to learn more about the possibilities.

Many options

Tap is a wide genre and includes everything from book covers, posters, church magazines, leaflets to business cards, and setting up magazines and the like. I would like to offer you a free offer or advice on what to choose.

Get inspiration in my portfolio or contact me here