WebdesignI’m not just making websites, I grow your business

Today, a website is needed if you want to communicate with the rest of the world, but unlike some years ago, it’s not enough just to be online. It is all by now. It is important that your website is modern and contemporary. If you click on an older website, you can immediately see that old because the structure and appearance look clumsy and old-fashioned. You must not just be present, you must communicate properly – otherwise you will not reach your customers. And that’s the basis for your success.

Easy for you to edit

Most people want a website where they can enter and edit text and images. Therefore, I specialize in making what is called a CMS-based website. Such pages are structured so it’s as easy to go in and correct them as it is in and write a document in Word. It saves you a lot of money for a webmaster (like me) who needs money to update the page. It is an obvious solution for you, who has a new, small or medium-sized business.

SEO optimized

hjemmesideI make sure that your website is ranked high in the searches on, for example. Google. It’s important so people can find you on the Internet. That’s what you call SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In addition, I can also install an online analysis program that can accurately detect where and how many visitors you have on your website. It provides a lot of good tools to understand how your visitors shop when they are on your website.

Adwords & Adsense

Adwords is Google’s advertising tool. With this tool, you can target your ads so that when people search for specific words or phrases, your ad will appear. It’s a smart way to reach customers who are interested in what you offer. Adsense is other people’s advertisements that you implement on your website. You earn money on the ads depending on the number of clicks.

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