VideoVideo is effective and great communication

Most people can make a video, but not everyone can make a good video. Video is a powerful way to reach its customers or audience. In a video, you connect the visual with sound and images. Therefore, the ability to reach a larger audience is much greater than using one of these elements.
I have experience from working at a video production company in San Francisco and I’d love to help you with your video so it becomes professional.

Presentation videos, documentaries, lessons, animations and short films are some of the possibilities within video. There are many possibilities within the video genre, and often the genres cross each other. You are very welcome to contact me if you are considering making a video or having questions about the process or the price.

Video is effective

videoA very effective way to reach new customers can be done using a short commercial video. Many do not want to read a longer text. They’d rather see a 1-2 minute video, which in a appealing way explains them the message. Studies show that video polls on Facebook provide 62% higher response than viewing images. Interesting, not? So a well-produced video clip can make a difference to your company’s visibility and impact. I have good equipment and offer to film, edit and upload videos.

It’s worth the money

Videos are a bit more expensive to produce than many other forms of advertising such as image ads and the like. It is up to some customers to do that. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s just the little extra things that make the difference. In short, it’s usually worth the money to spend a little extra resources burning your company with a video.

Get inspiration for videos in my portfolio or contact me here.